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Otto Sauter and his ensemble Ten of the Best!

  • Ten of the Best
    The ensemble of Otto Sauter, the international renowned piccolo-trumpet player, with ten of the leading trumpet players of the world, since 1991 ...more...
  • Otto Sauter, Ten of the Best & Friends
    with guitar, percussion, keyboard and famous artists like STING guitarist Dominic Miller, STING percussionist Rhani Krija, Level 42 keyboarder Mike Lindup and strings
  • Otto Sauter & Ten of the Best meet the Symphony
    Playtime Live City Concert Tour with Symphony Orchestra, e.g. Staatsorchester Halle, Neubrandenburger Philharmonie, Philharmonisches Orchster Trier
  • Otto Sauter & Ten of the Best - Ten Miracle Trumpeters
    since more than 10 years regularly on tour in Japan with Kajimoto Concert Management...more...
  • FIFA World Cup
    10 of the best trumpet players in the world on concerttour for the FIFA World Cup supported by the OK FIFA WMTM ...more...
  • Arrangements
    by international renowned arrangers, among them GRAMMY AWARD winners who worked with stars like e.g. Udo Jürgens, Barbra Streisand, Frank Sinatra, Prince and The Commodores
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